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Pre Arrival Services Consult and Plan
Pre Arrival Services

We gather your client’s requirements and match them to our imminent team Ayurvedic doctors and/or Yoga experts through Skype/phone calls etc.

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Travel and Execute Travel and Execute
Upon Arrival Services

On their arrival to India, we act as a single point of contact (with our experts on board ) for all their needs, feedbacks, grievances (if any) during the course of their stay.

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Follow Up Follow Up
Post Departure Services

We at Incredible Zindagi are a one stop solution for all your needs related to Ayurveda, Yoga, Rejuvenation, Healing and Meditation.

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How Can You Reboot?

Aimed at the purification and rejuvenation of body and mind, Ayurveda, Meditation & Yoga, all three combined work at multiple levels to cleanse, heal and restore the balance of the elements. Whether it is chanting the hymns, meditation or stretching to all the yoga poses or incorporating fresh herbs and ingredients that make the cures. They all combined, are about authenticity and natural resources. Each focusing on restoring and rebuilding lost health.



Ayurveda believes in optimizing health by balancing the elements our bodies are composed of. Once these elements are in perfect sync our bodies will have the power of self-healing.



Yoga is a health regime that enables one to achieve physical fitness, mental stability, and spiritual awareness. It with the help of Ayurveda re-calibrates the body to de-accelerate aging using natural methods.



Meditation aims at soothing the mind to find the perfect balance. It is the key to mental wellness, the corner stone to achieve its physical counterpart.

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