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When we meditate we transcend into an altered state of consciousness which is said to possess more relief than a good night sleep. Stress makes us weaker both physically and mentally, thus when we meditate it reduces the secretion of the stress hormone, therefore, we feel relax and calm. Our bodily cells regenerate faster thereby providing us with more strength. Meditation has a connection with increasing our cognitive abilities thus if we practice meditation on a daily basis then we will not overthink about our problems and only focus our mind in getting rid of those problems once and for all. The best way to practice meditation is to enroll in the meditation retreat program on India. There are many amazing Meditation centers in India which provide a peaceful environment, healthy green surroundings, natural therapies etc available at an affordable cost.

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Trivia To Remember

  • Navel-Gazing” isn’t just a saying, but an actual meditation technique, AKA “omphaloskepsis”.
  • Some Buddhists, typically in Japan, use archery as a form of meditation called Kyudo.
  • Meditation isn’t just mumbo-jumbo pseudoscience. It actually has studies proving its benefits.
  • Meditation is a practice that can be perform by anyone.
  • The word "meditation" is from the Proto-Indo European root "*med-," meaning "take appropriate measures.

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