How to Gain Healthy Weight and Build Muscle the Right Way?

How to Gain Healthy Weight and Build Muscle the Right Way?

Correct diet and exercising are the two important requirements that help gain healthy weight and build muscles the right way. The food we eat should not add to the body weight uncontrollably or get accumulated in wrong areas of the body. The exercise schedule also should contribute to working up the core muscles and to let them attain a desirable shape.

Food for healthy weight gain

Binging on fats and refined carbs is certainly a big no when you aim to gain weight healthily. These foods just add to the body fat and draw the person closer to obesity. Any under-weight person should select the diet that gives more nutrition per serving and add to the calorie intake that is utilized in the body muscle development. Listed here are certain foods that can help an under-weight person gain correct weight:

  1. Homemade Protein Smoothies: Start your day with protein smoothies prepared at home. There are various recipes that involve a protein powder like IZ whey protein which can be mixed with various flavors of yoghurt like vanilla, strawberry etc. and made into delicious smoothie. This drink is a filling, healthy start for the day and is found to be very useful in healthy weight gain as it comes packed with protein and nutrients.
  2. Rice: This food is a low carb but calorie-rich item that gives higher amounts of calories in single serving. The protein content added by the way of some soya curry or fish curry can make this food optimally rich in nutrients required for muscle gain.
  3. Milk: Milk is considered a complete food. The researches reveal that it contains two important proteins like casein and whey protein. Additional whey protein scoop added to milk boosts the muscle build-up. Thus, it is advisable to take a glass of milk before working out, and after meals, too, to beef up the body healthily.
  4. Red Meats: About 170gms of red meat contain 3gms of leucine. This is the protein that contributes to healthy muscle build-up. For an under-weight, the red meats are to be consumed in fattier portions to ensure extra calorie intake. If only protein in extra amounts is desired, lean meats are preferred, but to gain weight the fatty red meat pieces are included in the diet.
  5. Nuts and Nut Butters: A handful of almonds contain about 7 Gms protein and 18 g good fats. These should be munched as fillers between the meals or taken along with the smoothies in the morning or green tea in the evening.
  6. Salmon and Oily Fish: About 6 gm fillets of Salmon provide 34gms of high quality protein which aids in muscle growth and also helps gain more pounds. The oily fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, these with rice as side dish make a very healthy meal.
  7. Potatoes and Starches: Weight gain is also supported by the carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes and other starchy foods like quinoa, corn, buckwheat, oats, squash, etc. The other function of these carbohydrates is to increase the glycogen content in muscles; this glycogen works as energy source for the work-outs and other muscle-building exercises.
  8. Protein Supplements: Since it is not possible to change the eating habits overnight, protein supplements help in making up for the loss at the start of weight gain. There are products like IZ whey protein that are composed of the best quality isolated and amino acids whose main job is to build the muscles and promote weight gain.Just choosing the correct food is not going to help much. Those interested in weight gain and muscle build-up have to bring changes in the eating habits so that the absorption of the nutrients in the food in optimal amounts is ensured.

How to design the eating plan

Just choosing the correct food is not going to help much. Those interested in weight gain and muscle build-up have to bring changes in the eating habits so that the absorption of the nutrients in the food in optimal amounts is ensured.

Listen to the body’s food needs, shun the bad eating habits and train the body for eating correctly. This is required in addition to adopting a good diet. The timing of eating foods is also important. Here are certain pointers to make the healthy eating the way of life.

  • Divide the daily food into smaller and frequent meals: Eating two meals to the full just adds to the body fat as the energy is not consumed and gets converted into fatty cells. Thus, smaller meals become easy to absorb, and allow full absorption of the nutrients.
  • Choose correct drink while eating: Many people tend to drink something along with the food. So, instead of choosing drinks like water that curbs appetite, go for some energy-boosting drinks rich in proteins. It helps cut down the calorie intake while inducing fullness. Also, instead of along with the meal, try having a drink about 30 minutes after eating.
  • Go for bedtime snacks: Fasting of eight hours during sleep can cause loss of muscle. So, try to eat a bedtime snack which is protein-rich and is filling too. Peanut butter and jelly or avocado sandwich make a good choice. You can also have a slice of lean meat spread over the multi-grain bun or have a filling meat wrap around bedtime.

Coming to the exercising part, the muscle build-up exercises are focused on improving the bodily strength of lower and upper parts of body.

Upper body work out:

  • Start with the bench press.
  • It is followed by chest supported row
  • Incline pressing is done for achieving better intensity. The bench is set at 30 degree incline
  • Then follows the lat pull downs
  • The arms are further strengthened with lateral raises
  • Triceps exercise using v-bar or rope is the next exercise
  • And the biceps exercises complete the work-out.

Lower Body Workout

The strengthening of muscles of calves, thighs and core requires lower body workout. The important exercises included in this workout are:

  • Romanian deadlift
  • Leg presses
  • Leg curls
  • Standing calf raises
  • Crunches and standing leg raises, planks etc.

This is a beginner’s workout. The exercises can go more intense with the increase in rounds.

So, what you eat, how you eat and how you exercise determine the healthy way of gaining weight and maintaining it too. Be clear about what you want before starting the new schedule.

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