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India is the land of spiritual enlightenment and a  repository of ayurvedic knowledge that can heal the most common health ailments with the help of its ancient yogic science. India has an abundance of such places as it is covered with lush green surroundings, exotic beaches, and its centuries-old heritage of Ayurveda , yogic science, Vedic literature and other ancient healing methodologies which depends upon the natural remedies of herbs and spices for treatment in the common diseases like  anxiety, back pain, depression,anger management, weight loss or any other impurity of the body etc.

The breathtaking aroma of India's natural landscape provides a perfect way to commune with nature. There are tons of Detox retreats destinations in India which provides you all the necessary ingredients which are much needed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul naturally and ensures a balanced mind-body synchronization. Although there are many types of detox retreats available in India and the most luxurious world-class experience is provided in almost every detox retreat package. The detox retreat in Kerela is the most noteworthy and famous place to get a full body detox with the usage of natural techniques of Ayurveda. The Kerela has a rich plantation of medicinal natural herbs that contain healing properties to cure illnesses.

The most wonderful time to visit the detox retreats destination is from July to September in the monsoon season. There are lots of detox retreat packages available in India and Incredible Zindagi recommends the most appropriate package that will serve all your basic needs and requirements at an affordable price.

What is The Basic Curriculum Of Detox Program in India?

The detox retreat in India offers the best way to recharge yourself and purify your body with the application of natural ayurvedic techniques that will remove all the impurities from your body. Some of the most noteworthy activities are enlisted below:

  • Regular yoga sessions which are based on the principle of yogic science under the supervision of expert yoga instructors to transform your body by improving its blood flow mechanism into the vital organs.
  • Organizing the deep breathing exercises like meditation, yoga nidra, and pranayama to restore the balance in the mind by removing all the negative thoughts which are draining the focus and providing the power of improved focus and concentration power.
  • The Service of ayurvedic full body massage by using the natural herbal ointments is a wonderful way to eliminate all the impurities from the skin and provides a strong toning to the body muscles which are prone to injuries. It also moisturizes the skin tone and keeps the skin dryness at bay and also has some anti-aging properties.
  • The availability of ayurvedic meals such as Kitchari which are the pure vegetarian in nature and carries the most nutritional ingredients that will make our digestive system stronger. The herbs and spices added in these food products have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The expert counseling session is carried out to express your health doubts from the experts and the expert will provide you with the most suitable solution that will take care of your problem.

What Type of Detox Therapies Are Carried out In The Detox Retreat center?

Special ayurvedic detox therapy is carried out such as panchakarma treatments to cure the various types of imbalances in the body and helps to improve the digestive system and ensuring proper metabolic function in our body. Some natural techniques are given below such as:

  • Shirodhara is a technique in which a herbal sesame oil liquid is dripped on the forehead to treat the nervous system and helps in reducing the problem of a headache, hypertension, and stress. It provides an immense relaxation and pleasure and boosts up the mood.
  • Abhyanga is a natural full body massage technique in which the combination of various ayurvedic herbs is applied to the body in the form of a warm oil along with the fragrance of essential oils.This technique will cleanse the skin impurities and makes it more glowing and toxin-free.
  • The Ayurvedic Nasya treatment is an ayurvedic mechanism in which the natural herbs having medicinal properties along with other essential oils are injected into the nasal cavity in the form of droplets or fumes depending upon the different administrative practices. This ayurvedic technique is very much essential in eliminating the ailments like sinusitis, migraine, etc naturally.
  • Swedana (Steam bath technique) ayurvedic technique in which the participants has to undergo herbal steam therapy in order to sweat more and removing the toxins of the body through the skin pores by sweating. This process ensures the proper flow of oxygen throughout the body.

Types of Detox Retreats Program In India

There are many purposes by which people choose the detox program such as to cure bad addiction problem, weight loss purposes etc. The technique used is different from person to person.

  • Digital Detox: This type of detox program is useful for all those who are suffering from the addiction problem of mobile phones or any other digital appliances. These programs prohibit the use of mobile phones or any other digital communication medium during the course of the detox retreat program. People spend their time by interacting with each other and by communing with nature. This creates an opportunity for people to spend some personal alone to reflect their goals and self-discover their true purpose in life. This will also teach them a harsh lesson about how much time they are wasting in while using the mobile devices and suggest them something productive to do during that time.
  • Juice Detox Retreat: In this detox retreat the juices containing the basic nutritional value has been served such as coconut juice, broth soups and a combination of herbal teas etc to cleanse the body by taking the liquid diet and eliminate the toxins out of the body and make it fit and healthy again.

Grab an opportunity to detox your body by taking part in the Detox retreat program in India under the leadership of Incredible Zindagi which help in choosing the most wonderful detox packages that can rejuvenate your body and enhance your mind-body synchronicity.

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