The Most Common Signs & Symptoms of Anemia

  • Pale skin
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Chest pain
  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Cold extremities
  • Irregular heart beat

The Various Underlying Causes of Anemia

  • When your own body destroys red blood cells
  • When body is not able to produce red blood cells or
  • Bleeding takes place and there is huge loss of red blood cells

What are the Most Effective Home Remedies To Use During The Phase of Anemia ?

Apple-beetroot juice

Beet is highly rich in potassium, fiber and Vitamin B12 and apple is an abundant source of iron. The combination of these two ingredients serves to be an effective home remedy for anemia. Add 1 cup of apple juice with 1 cup of beet juice. Add some spoons of honey to it. Drink the mixture daily two times. This home remedy is extremely beneficial for getting rid of anemia.


Spinach is rich in Vitamin B9, A, C and E. It also contains the minerals, calcium, fiber and beta carotene. All these ingredients make this dark green leafy vegetable highly effective home remedy for anemia. Include spinach to your regular diet and get away from anemia.


Tomatoes contain a lot of Vitamin C and lycopene. These components help to absorb the iron consumed. This is useful for the individuals, who are suffering from anemia. Consume 2 tomatoes daily. You can consume in the form of juice or can include in your daily diet.


Pomegranate is rich in carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber, potassium, copper, iron, calcium, sugars and a lot of vitamins. It increases the hemoglobin count in the blood and helps in steady blood flow in the body. The various symptoms of anemia like dizziness, weakness, exhaustion can be very easily cured with the consumption of pomegranate daily.

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