Whether you want cures for a particular ailment or specialized massages and diet programs or are here to fulfill your personal spiritual goals, our doctors and consultants will chart out the best course forward. With a goal to heal, cleanse, relax and revitalize, you will be guided to make transformations in your lifestyle.

We have a range of readymade packages, with the BEST of the centres around India, which have been carefully planned based on research and the regular feedback we get from people who have benefitted from them.

While you can choose from these, our specialists can create tailor-made packages, after carefully analyzing the information you provide.

Our Services:

We offer Ayurveda Tourism, Yoga and Meditation packages.

Along with offering these packages at best rates (and other frills like local cultural activities, accommodation, special requests like a translator), we specialize and offer the below, which makes the experience of your clients unique with impeccable service.

Pre Arrival Services

Pre Arrival Services

We understand that each of your clients would have specific requirements and needs, due to which they would like to go in for Medical Ayurveda, Meditation or/and Yoga Packages..

Here, we start with understanding their requirements, ailments if any, objective behind opting for wellness and rejuvenation.

  • 1. We gather your client’s requirements and match them to our imminent team Ayurvedic doctors and/or Yoga experts through Skype/phone calls etc.
  • 2. Based on the information gathered, we suggest the most appropriate programs and therapies, places to travel, etc. to meet the traveler’s expectations.
  • 3. We also address concerns & questions (if any) regarding their travel, stay, accommodation, etc prior to their arrival in India.
  • 4. We act as a single point of contact for you and your clients in India.
Upon Arrival Services

Upon Arrival Services

  • 1. On their arrival to India, we act as a single point of contact (with our experts on board ) for all their needs, feedbacks, grievances (if any) during the course of their stay.
  • 2. We ensure that all the resources provided to them guarantee utmost safety and comfort (also taking into consideration solo/female travelers)
  • 3. We constantly follow up with the clients regarding their feedback and experience at the program and assist as per requirements along with 24X7 hotline support.
  • 4. We assisit with post treatment programs like adventure, sightseeing, food experiences etc.
Post Departure Services

Post Departure Services

We understand that an amazing experience consists of benefits post-treatment as well.

We try and understand your feedback post departure from India, the health improvements, follow-ups with doctors, supply of supplements and most importantly making this a long-term experience instead of a short lived one.

In India, we believe in “Athithi Devo Bhava” which means Guests are a form of God, with this principle being deeply embedded in Ayurveda and our culture, we strive to make this journey an unforgettable experience.

We at Incredible Zindagi are a one stop solution for all your needs related to Ayurveda, Yoga. Rejuvenation, Healing and Meditation.
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