Medical Tourism

Ayurveda Tourism, a domain that is relatively a new concept, has been gaining popularity globally. Combining the power to heal physically and spiritually Ayurveda Tourism is here to stay. India, the hub of Ayurveda has slowly and steadily made a coveted place in this sector.

Our Tie-ups with highly acclaimed India boasts of state of the art facilities and highly qualified specialists and super specialists, which attracts multitudes to seek treatments and therapies here. To add to this is the fact that India has been bestowed with natural beauty and climates that vary from the coldest of cold to the hottest of hot.

Factors like timely treatments, lesser waiting periods, and low costs compared to the west have added to the shine of Ayurveda tourism in India. With more and more people looking to escape the mundane and seeking a healthy holiday rather than an indulgent one, Ayurveda Tourism is just what the doctor ordered.

IZ has Ayurveda Tourism Packages devised to suit all needs. We not only provide you world class Ayurvedic treatment facilities but look after all your travel and stay needs at pocket friendly costs. Our perfectly planned packages incorporate the best available treatments with stay arrangements in exotic locations. These are combined with sightseeing excursions to local attractions, nature walks, shopping sprees etc. to ensure rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul.

Ayurvedic Resorts and Spas across India ensures the best combination of treatment and leisure activities, fun and fitness. Our teams conduct an in-depth study of the treatments offered and the outcomes before adding these Centers on our list.

India has some of the most beautiful Ayurvedic Resorts spread out across acres of pristine forests located on the periphery of the cities. The states of Kerala and Himachal Pradesh and the Himalayan ranges have a host of Ayurvedic Centers that attracts thousands of people to India year after year.

Kerala… Sun, Surf & Spices!

Kerala, one of India’s smallest state and touted as “God’s own country” is the perfect blend of the traditional and the modern. Kerala is a seemingly miniscule coastal strip of land, with around 600 Kms of Arabian Sea lining its periphery, a gleaming network of backwaters and a spice laden aroma beacons hordes of tourists to its folds every year.

The countryside that has been bestowed abundantly with lush green landscapes is home to some of the most authentic and exotic Ayurveda Centers and resorts. Whether you are looking for treatment for an ailment or simply looking to relax and rejuvenate, Kerala has a lineup of resorts to suit all budgets.

Himachal Pradesh… Gorges, Peaks & Valleys!

Himachal Pradesh, one of the northern states of India, is dotted with scenic mountain cities and towns. From high altitudes to deep canyons and valleys, from gushing waterfalls to serene streams and rivers, from varied flora and fauna to ice capped peaks and passes, the beauty of this state seems endless.

Set amongst these idyllic locales are Ayurvedic resorts that have every conceivable treatment and therapy to deliver health and recreation of the best kind. The chance to explore the Tibetan culture, visiting the Buddhist monasteries and temples, trekking, skiing, and mountaineering adds to the charm of vacationing as you heal.

Himalayas: Nature’s Bounty!

Himalayas, the crowning glory of the Indian subcontinent, has always had a profound effect on her culture and climate. Abode of snow, the literal translation of the Sanskrit combo of words “Him + Aalay”, is the origin of the world’s major rivers, the Ganges, the Indus and the Brahmaputra. It proudly boasts of being home to the Mount Everest, the highest peak on earth.

The alluring and evocative settings of the Himalayas guarantee a quiet and curative getaway from all that is hectic and mundane. It is little wonder then that some of the best Ayurvedic Resorts and retreats have found a home here. Nestled among the unspoiled settings of the Himalayan terrain, with stunning open air meditation and learning areas, nature treks and safaris, heading here in a bid to heal both body and soul has to be the most sensible decision one can make.


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