Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Chakra means wheel or vortex. The chakras or energy hubs are points in our body located in the spinal cord, these are total seven in number and correspond to the hormonal glands near which these are located. These chakras govern our physical and mental state that is result of the hormonal action happening in these glands.

Thus, chakra meditation is a powerful meditation technique that is useful in balancing and relaxing the chakras (or energy centers) of our body. The aim of chakra meditation is to release the energy blocked which leads to certain abnormality in our physical appearance or thought process. In chakra meditation, practitioners make use of music and colors to stimulate and balance the chakras influenced by these.

Benefits of Chakra Meditation:

Chakra meditation works in multiple ways in bringing to us better health and happier state of mind. It helps enjoy benefits like:

  • Overpowering the negative thoughts, becoming happier in the process
  • Reduces chances of stress related diseases such as stroke, heart attack, anxiety attacks and others
  • Induces better anger management and stress management

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