Contemplative Reading

Contemplative Reading

Contemplative Reading is a part of Benedictine practice that involves reading, meditating, praying and contemplating. It is a devoted attempt to understand what message God has tried to convene to the world through scriptures.

In this practice, a scripture is read first, then reflected to find the meaning and ultimately contemplated upon to find its relevance, and also to find what reader has understood about it. It is a form of meditation in which the point of focus is the words from the God written in scripture. This way of meditating is present and promoted in all religions in some form or the other.

Benefits of Contemplative Reading:

Contemplative Reading is a cognitive way of listening to the inner voice. Sometimes, we need an impetus to delve deeper into the conscience. That impetus is provided by the scripture in this process of meditating. Its benefits are:

  • Better knowledge of the Self and Surroundings
  • Better concentration of mind
  • Increased happiness of mind
  • Cleansing of mind from all negative thoughts
  • Better approach towards situation

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