Gazing Meditation

Gazing Meditation

Gazing meditation or Trataka is the technique of meditation that involves focusing the eye on an object through firm but unforced gazing. By doing so, the practitioners are focusing their mind on some point and bringing stillness to it in the process.

Mostly, a candle is used for the process and the meditation is carried out in complete silence. With gradual progression, the flame of the candle is replaced by void and staring at candles is replaced by keeping the eyes closed and concentrating on that void.

Benefits of Gazing Meditation (Trataka):

Our minds are boggled by uncountable responsibilities. We start feeling stressed thinking constantly about the daily chores as well as long term goals. By the power of gazing meditation, one can derive benefits like:

  • Better visualization skills
  • Stronger eyes and better vision
  • Correction of vision
  • Enhancement in concentration and mind power
  • More stable nerve control
  • Better balance of thought
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced insomnia
  • Boost in self-confidence and patience levels

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