Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga

Yoga was adapted to the modern world’s needs by Lahiri Mahasaya who under the aegis of his great Guru, Babaji, found purpose of life in practicing Kriya Yoga. The Kriya Yoga makes use of science of Pranayama (Breathing techniques) to infuse life force (Prana) into every chakra (energy hub) of human body and the parts affected by it. This Yoga is all about cleansing the body, and releasing all the blocks responsible for poor state of health and mind.

Kriya Yoga is learned through Self-realization fellowship lessons which spread through years. In the first year, the students prepare for entering into actual Kriya Yoga by practicing balanced life. Once they have made themselves mentally strong, they can becomes disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda and enter sacred guru-disciple relationship for learning Kriya Yoga.

Benefits of Kriya Yoga:

Kriya Yoga impacts body beyond physical realms and helps realize its highest potential. It offers tremendous benefits like:

  • Brings order in chaotic lifestyle
  • Releases all physical and mental blocks and induces eternal happiness
  • Makes body stronger and immune to seasonal diseases like cough, cold etc

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