Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is composed of two words – Mantra which means a word or phrase carrying profound meaning and meditation which means act of thinking. Thus, meditating while keeping focus on a word or phrase, can be termed as mantra meditation. The mantra can be spoken repeatedly, chanted in a particular rhythm, whispered, and in some cases, silently repeated in mind.

Mantra meditation comprises of two important phases. The first phase is mindful meditation; and the second phase is mantra chanting. While mindful meditation helps in slowly withdrawing the mind from all thoughts looming over it, mantra chanting is done to increase the focus of withdrawn senses on something stronger – a mantra in this case. Mantra meditation finds its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism philosophies.

Benefits of Mantra meditation:

Mantra meditation is practiced by people due to different reasons. Most of the time, the main purpose of doing it is to increase the concentration of the mind. Other benefits of mantra meditations are:

  • Increasing confidence of a person by boosting mental strength
  • Getting rid of problems like anxiety attack, panic attacks and insomnia
  • Better ability to cope with difficult situations
  • Increasing positivity in thinking by diverting thoughts to something peace inducing as well as powerful.

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