Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation

Nada means flow of sound and Yoga stands for union. Nada Yoga is the meditation style in which the union of body and soul to the ultimate source of energy (Atman or God) is strived for with the help of flow of sound.

When we are on our journey to realize and reach our inner self, we need to shut our mind from all sorts of voices, sounds etc to concentrate deeply to listen to inner voice. This requires meditation and focus. How to achieve this ability to shift the focus of the mind to void, is taught in meditation classes. In a typical Nada Yoga Meditation class, you will be introduced to concept of Ahat Nada – the sound produced by striking two objects together – and Anahata Nada – the sound of silence and their use in reaching the state of meditation.

Benefits of Sound Meditation:

It is helpful in making yourself a better human being, because: :

  • It heals the bodily weaknesses and enhances its endurance level
  • It is helpful in attaining mental peace
  • It helps achieving better mental strength
  • It improves emotional quotient
  • It definitely improves your reaction to various situations and makes you more lovable

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