Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye Meditation

Our body is divided into various chakras (energy hubs), third eye is one of these chakras. It is located in the forehead, at the space between the eyebrows and is believed to be the center of intuitive intelligence in human beings. Meditation aimed at awakening this center of intuitive wisdom is termed as third eye meditation.

This meditation is the process of going deeper beyond the realm of physical senses of touch, feelings, hearing and sight and aims at bringing more awareness towards the metaphysical happenings. Thus, when you want to rise above physical pains and worries, you can practice third eye meditation.

Benefits of third eye meditation:

Meditation is done mainly to induce calmness in mind and sometimes to focus it towards more positivity and clarity. Its main benefits are:

  • Elimination of worries and anxiety from our thinking system
  • Intuition is enhanced and it helps prepare better for difficult situations
  • Enhances physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Better interpersonal relationships

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