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When we meditate on a regular basis our thoughts get cleansed. Our attitude towards life changes and we become more focus. We develop a good control over our body. Also, the stress hormone secretion is reduced when we do meditation thus mindfulness meditation is a good thing to consider in order to combat anxiety. The Meditation is the best way to relax in this modern world. There are many meditation retreat destination in India that will help you in discovering your true self & inner peace. This  meditation retreat is useful in identifying our true potential and define the means to channelize it to our advantage. It strengthens our mind and makes it more focused and free of distractions & fear, boasts up our immunity, and also increases the cognitive function of our brain.
If you want to be a part of this life-changing experience, then get in touch with Incredible Zindagi which can help you out in selecting the best possible Meditation & Yoga retreat packages at an affordable price.

Trivia To Remember

  • Meditation slows down neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Navel-Gazing” isn’t just a saying, but an actual meditation technique, AKA “omphaloskepsis”.
  • The meditation mantra “Om” is recognized by many religions as the primordial sound present at the creation of the universe.
  • The largest meditation group on record occurs, with over 100,000 people meditating at once in 2014.
  • The origins of meditation are unclear, but most historians believe it has been around for about 5,000 years.

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