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India is a home to many wonderful peaceful destinations covered with lush green surroundings and heartwarming natural landscape which makes it an ideal destination to practice deep breathing exercise like meditation. Meditation is the most promising way to overcome stress and anxiety which we deal on regular basis in our work life. Meditation retreat destinations in India are located away from the city in a peaceful place which is well equipped with various types of recreational activities that enhance our mood and provides a healthy environment to rediscover your inner self. Enrolling in these meditation retreats is a good way to connect with your inner self and achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Meditation enables our brain to clear out all the negative thoughts and makes it prepare to focus on positive aspects of life. Daily practice of Meditation is also effective in eliminating the early onset of age-related mental disorders like dementia, Alzheimer. Taking part in Meditation retreat in India is a life-changing experience that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul naturally.

After the completion of the meditation retreat program, a person develops the ability to behave more focused and confident in facing any type of stressful situation in real life. Although there are many types of Meditation retreat destinations in India choosing the best of them seems to be a lot of hassle. With the expert guidance of Incredible Zindagi, which provides the best  recommendations regarding choosing the best possible package of meditation retreat that will serve all your requirement and is available at an affordable cost.

What Type Of Activities Are Conducted At Meditation Retreat Centers In India?

There are many recreational activities which are organized in various meditation centers across the Indian subcontinent. Some of these activities are listed below:

  • Regular meditation sessions for improving the focus and concentration power.
  • Early morning sessions of learning the art and craft of Tai Chi, Chi Gong.
  • A counseling session is organized to ask away any life-related queries and concerns from the highly experienced faculty members.
  • Optional Crash course on learning the various cooking techniques which involve the mechanism of preparing the best nutritional ayurvedic meals to sustain a good health and well being.
  • Normal warm-up practice of various yoga postures in order to heal specific organs in your body is practiced after the meditation.
  • Facility of healthy ayurvedic meals, snacks, natural organic fruit juices in order to nourish & fulfill your body requirement.

What Are The Basic Rules Which We Need To Follow During The Meditation Retreat Course?

Enlisted below are the rules which a person must need to follow throughout the duration of the meditation retreat course:

  • After entering in the meditation retreat center all your personal belongings are deposited at the Retreat administration until you complete the whole meditation course.
  • Usage of Mobile phones, laptop, tablets or any other electrical appliances is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not disturb another participant who is doing meditation by talking with them in loud voices.
  • Do not use headphones during the class or listen to loud music on a speaker in order to maintain complete and utter focus in class hours.
  • Always seek permission first before taking anything from other participants during the course of a meditation retreat.
  • Eating outside food is not allowed inside the premises.
  • It is prohibited to wear jewelry, necklace while performing the meditation.
  • Wearing too tight clothes while performing meditation is also prohibited as it causes irritative behavior and a person will risk losing focus.
  • Maintain a proper decorum and silence during the phase of meditation.
  • There will be no contact with the outside world by restricting texting, calling and reading of the newspaper. In this way there will be lesser distractions and the person will be able to focus more on his meditation.
  • The use of Camera or any other recording device is strictly prohibited on the retreat premises.
  • No facility of the washing machine is available and the used clothes needs to be hand washed by using detergent.
  • Chewing Tobacco, smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs is strongly prohibited in the meditation retreat premises.
  • Physical contact of any kind among the individuals is strictly prohibited.

Highlights Of The Meditation Retreat Programs In India

During the phase of meditation retreat, the most commonly used meditation technique of Vipassana is implemented. Vipassana meditation technique deals with developing self- awareness about our surroundings in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. This technique of meditation eradicate the things which make us weak and ensures the mental stability which makes us strong enough to tackle stressful situations. The people who are suffering from mental disorders can highly benefit from this course in order to eliminate all the unnecessary negative thoughts from their mind by focusing only on the useful and productive thoughts.

Taking part in this meditation retreat requires a full commitment and disciplined nature as a lot of activities are prohibited during the course of this retreat such as sexual activity, texting, reading books, eating spicy outside food, sleeping late at night etc. A strong heart with optimal willpower is needed to take part in this retreat.

What Are The Outcomes Of Enrolling In Meditation Retreat Center In India?

  • Your mind becomes stronger and more focused that you will develop an ability to make good decisions in stressful situations.
  • You will experience what life feels like without all the worldly distractions of social media, electronic appliances, and other modern human invention.
  • It is a good and natural way to commune with nature and enjoy the ambiance of the mother nature.
  • If you are suffering from any type of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety etc then you will get relief from it with the application of Vipassana Meditation.
  • It makes us more aware about our natural surrounding and help in maintaining a proper mind-body synchronization.
  • It helps us in searching a way that will help us in channelizing our strong emotions like anger and zeal into doing something productive.
  • It makes us more disciplined and makes us understand of eliminating bad habits of smoking, alcohol consumption from our life as they tend to drain focus and disorients our mind.
  • After completing this meditation retreat program we become a part person with good self-esteem and high confidence.

Getting bored with your mundane lifestyle? Looking for an escape from all the hassles of life then consider enrolling in the meditation retreat program in India under the guidance of Incredible Zindagi which provides its expert opinion in choosing the best possible package that will cater to all your needs and requirement at an affordable price and a hassle-free environment.

Trivia To Remember

  • Meditation is as Simple as Observing Your Breathing.
  • It’s best to keep your spine straight during meditation to allow for easy natural breathing, but there is no single posture you need to adopt.
  • Meditation increases your ability to multitask.
  • Meditation improves the immune function.
  • Meditation develops in Taoist China and Buddhist India in 600-500 B.C.

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