We strive to deliver to our wellness enthusiasts the most authentic yoga and meditation experience possible only in India. This country, where Yoga and Meditation finds its roots, is home to devoted practitioners who are reputed in their own league. The followers and propagators of teachings of Adi Guru – the first person in the world who practiced Yoga and Meditation - our meditation partners are thorough with all asanas, dhyaana poses. They know the healing properties of meditation and Yoga and understand how to employ these magical methods to benefit the wellness seekers.

We partner with the best meditation specialists of India. Our meditations partners are chosen after stringent tests, and on the basis of the experience they have earned. Apart from the experience, they are checked on the grounds of authenticity so that only reliable Indian flavor of wellness reaches our visitors.

The best part of our meditation partners is that they practice highest standard of piousness and religiousness in their behavior. They treat every student of theirs with compassion and understanding and also draw a fine line of decency while dealing with the female learners. All of our meditation partners are certified and accredited to the most authentic training institutions popular worldwide.

So, enquire more about the meditation programs today and come one step closer to amazing physical and mental transformation by joining the latest program running at the center of your choice.

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