Hatha yoga, asthang yoga, power yoga, Iyengar Yoga – if these names entice you, then our yoga teachers are the right people to come to. Specialized in one or more of these yoga forms, our Yoga partners have their learning centers spread all over India. These centers, also known as, Yoga retreats, have marked their presence in the world map of wellness tourism because of their best results and unquestionable authenticity.

Our Yoga Partners are the true flag-bearers of the fitness legacy – Yoga – that India is renowned in the world for. They have mastered all sorts of yoga forms and people, after joining their sessions, have shown remarkable improvement in their bodily strength and postures.

We are associated with the best yoga partners who have special programs for weight management, diabetes care, bone and joint strength, and many more. They know the requirements of a beginner and an advanced learner distinctly and offer their expertise to the learners according to their exact needs.

We take pride in associating ourselves with the experts of Patanjali, Vedansha, Yogada Satsang and other institutes of similar league, that have earned a respectable name in the world. If you are looking for detox programs the Yoga way, our partners can provide you the best possible itineraries easy to fit in your wellness holiday schedule.

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