Prenatal Yoga Teachers Training Program in India

Pregnancy- the gift of motherhood is a very delicate time for women who experience many hormonal changes in the body which leads to mood swings, anxiety, stress, muscle cramps, constipation, and indigestion are the common symptoms. Practising yoga at the time of pregnancy is the best way to relieve the above-mentioned symptoms and lead a healthy and comfortable life. The main purpose of this prenatal yoga teacher training in India is too well equip the Ayurveda doctors and midwives to handle the pregnancy-related ailments during the phase of pregnancy.

The midwives are provided with all the knowledge about a prenatal nutritional diet that will help the women and its fetus in the womb. This prenatal yoga teacher training in India will make midwives well equipped to handle and impart prenatal care to the pregnant women in order to reduce the chances of miscarriages, birth defects, and other complications.

There are many prenatal yoga teacher training programs in Rishikesh, Goa etc that will guide you and make you aware about the things which you need to take care of pregnant women. But choosing the best pre and prenatal yoga teacher training centre in India that will help you in gaining the knowledge of becoming a successful teacher is a hard choice. Under the guidance of  Incredible Zindagi, you will able to choose the best most suitable packages of prenatal yoga teacher training in India that will cater to all your needs and requirements. This experience will change your life and will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

What is the syllabus of Prenatal Yoga Teachers Training Program in India?

Here is the list of various topics which will be uncovered in the curriculum of the prenatal yoga teachers training program in India:

  •  A counselling session organized specifically for discussing the various complications of pregnancy and their natural solutions by the application of yogic science and Ayurveda.
  •  Deep breathing exercises which are most suitable for pregnant women to provide them with comfort and relaxation.
  • Effective Mantra chanting technique that will heal your body both mentally and spiritually.
  • Practising the art of  Meditation to increase your cognitive abilities and having a clearer mind which is good for learning purposes.
  • Learning about the modification of trimester-specific yoga poses that will serve best to the pregnant women to deliver a healthy baby.
  • Learn about the history and fundamentals of Ayurveda, Vedic literature and the magic of yogic science with its real-world application.
  • In-depth knowledge about the Patanjali yoga sutras and Niyamas of yogic science.
  • Learning about the crash course of preparing the vegan ayurvedic nutritional diet plan for the pregnant women to ensure the proper flow of nutrition to the baby.
  • Learning about leadership skills and confidence to handle a group of people in a yoga studio.
  • Learning about self-control, and an ability to control anger, frustration, and hatred.

What type of benefits are offered by prenatal yoga teacher training in India?

Indian Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program provides a golden opportunity to learn the methodology of learning the art and craft of prenatal yoga practices which will be implemented on pregnant women in order to ensure a healthy stress-free pregnancy. Given below are the list of benefits offered by learning about the prenatal yoga teacher course and becoming a successful teacher who will assist pregnant women at the time of need.

Here are the enlisted benefits of enrolling in the prenatal yoga teacher training program in Goa to learn the art and craft of yoga and getting a chance to increase your karma by helping out a woman during the phase of her pregnancy.

  • A chance to help women in her journey towards the motherhood by providing them much needed emotional support.
  • Yoga provides a relief from all the tensions and worries from the mundane work life and ensures the proper flow of energy in our body.
  • A certificate that will provide a validation status to your expertise in the field of prenatal yoga.
  • The certificate gives you the power to practice and enrol as a teacher in any yoga centre all around the world.
  • You will learn so much about the prenatal practices of yoga which will be helpful when you reach motherhood.

What type of activities does this program will undertake?

  • Dedicated sessions of learning Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
  • A session of group discussions related to pregnancy health issues.
  • In-depth knowledge about the 4 paths of yoga which are Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, and Raja to live life comfortably by following these paths of enlightenment.
  • Practical examination based on prenatal teacher training syllabus.
  • Crash course on cooking classes to prepare Ayurvedic meals.

Highlights Of The Prenatal Yoga Teachers Training Program In India

  • The application of natural herbal natural essential oils on the pregnant women in order to sustain good fertility and stress-free pregnancy.
  • The usage of Ayurvedic natural remedies in order to overcome the various types of complications that arise during the phase of pregnancy.
  • Practising a modified version of yoga asanas which are specific to pregnancy.
  • Learning about the in-depth knowledge of fundamentals of Ayurveda and yogic science using which a prenatal yoga instructor can help pregnant women to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • Learn about the various natural techniques such as Reiki during the time of pregnancy.
  • Learning about the importance of natural prenatal yoga herbal massage on the body.
  • Learn the various techniques of mantra chanting to learn the art of having a comfortable delivery of the child.
  • Learning about the art and craft of balancing the power of Chakras to ensure a healthy and fruitful pregnancy.
  • The yoga instructor must learn the art of providing emotional support to the women during the prenatal phases of the pregnancy.
  • Specific yoga postures to overcome pregnancy-related common health issues of aches and anxiety.
  • Learning about the counselling session that will help women to talk about her feelings of mood swings, uneasiness, and anxiety which occurs due to the various hormonal changes in the body during the phase of pregnancy.
  • Learning about the fundamentals of learning about the importance of practising safe pelvic floor toning exercises under the supervision of an experienced faculty.
  • Learning about the various phases of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and its implication on imparting the benefits to women during the phase of pregnancy.

Experience the overwhelming feeling of motherhood and gain a lot of good karma and blessing by  helping a women during the phase of her pregnancy by enrolling in the prenatal yoga teacher training course with the help of Incredible Zindagi that will help you in choosing the best most suitable yoga teacher training packages that will fulfill all your health requirement.

Trivia To Remember

  • Prenatal Yoga can help get baby into the correct position.
  • Prenatal Yoga reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Prenatal Yoga Can Help You Tune Into Your Body's Needs.
  • Prenatal Yoga increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.
  • You May Find Relief from Common Pregnancy Complaints.

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