Incredible Whey Premium Gold Protein

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Pure Vegetarian Product

  • Flavor Enhanced Rich Chocolate
  • Sugar Free Product
  • 100% Whey imported from USA
  • With more than 70% Whey Protein Isolates is the main ingredient
  • Superior in quality and results than Gold Standard Products.
  • 24g protein in each serving
  • Each serving offer about 4g of glutamine and glutamic acid
  • Additional benefits of 5.5g of BCAA in each serving

IZ Whey Protein Description

Whey Protein Isolates and Concentrate available in this product bring you the ultimate goodness of Whey. This product is superior to Gold standard counterparts. It is designed to offer you the requisite nutrition that your body requires for muscle build-up. You can expect the best and the fastest results because the whey in our product is not simple whey; it is carrying the goodness of isolates and concentrates of whey protein strengthened further with digestive enzymes and health proteins like glutamine, leucine, valine. One serving of ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey brings you about 24g of protein which includes around 5.5g of BCAA as proteins essential for muscle formation. Our product is pure vegetarian and offers you the much-needed nutrition required to enhance the results of muscle building training.

  • Our product Guarantees 100% User Satisfaction.
  • IZ WHEY PROTIEN contains very low carbs, no preservatives, zero added sugar and is gluten-free.
  • Finest Quality Product : We have used pure and best quality raw materials in the preparation of our product.
  • Storage: It is recommended to keep WHey protien at a cool and dry place.

Directions how to use IZ Protein Powder?

Take one full scoop (30.2g) of ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey protein and add it in 200-250ml size glass of water, skimmed milk or any juice of your choice. Shake it for about 50-60 seconds to make a thick and creamy protein shake. Use it twice a day or as per the nutritionist’s advice.

Ultra Premium Gold IZ Incredible Whey protein works great at any time

Early morning:

When taken just after waking up, our protein powder can help you rebuild the muscles lost during sleep when your body is in a fasting state.

Between meals:

You can keep the nitrogen level in body balanced throughout the day by filling the inter-meal periods with ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey protein shake. Taking protein powder between meals prevents the body from entering the catabolic phase.

After Gym:

Your worked-out muscles after the gym session needs replenishment to rebuild the lean protein mass. Take this protein blend to replenish the lost muscle mass after the workout.

Before sleeping:

While sleeping, your body uses the stored protein causing the loss of muscle eventually. To keep the body nourished and also to avoid catabolic process, you must drink a glass of this protein blend before hitting the bed.

Ways to prepare a glass of Ultra Premium Gold IZ Incredible Whey protein blend

  • Shaker Cup: Carry your serving of 30.2g of ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey protein in a shaker cup when you go to the gym. Get instant replenishment of protein by adding about 200-250ml of water to it. Shake well in a shaker cup for the best results.
  • Spoon-stirred shake: Take 200-250ml water in a glass. You can make it lukewarm. Instead of water, you can also use skimmed milk or any beverage (like juice) of your choice. Stir into it a one scoopful of the ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey protein powder until it is completely dissolved. For milder taste, you can add it to about 300ml of water or beverage.
  • Blend: Mix one scoopful of ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey protein in 200-250ml of water and pour it in blender. Blend it for 20-30 seconds for better consistency. You can add more flavor to it by adding strawberries, flax seeds, frozen fruits, coconut or peanut butter.
  • Add to other recipes: You can increase the protein content of yoghurt, baked items, or oatmeal by adding this powder to the dish while preparing. The ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey protein can be added to the breakfast cereal, and other baked dishes like muffins and cookies batter too.
  • Other usage: ultra premium gold IZ Incredible Whey protein powder can be used as a supplement for increasing the protein content in daily diet. It offers an easy way of fulfilling the protein deficit in the body.


  • Pregnant or lactating women and people with any medical condition should consult a dietitian before consuming this product
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease
  • Not to exceed the daily recommended usage
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of the reach of children
What are the benefits of whey protein?
  • Enhances the Body's Antioxidant Power.
  • Prevents age-related muscle loss.
  • Improves immunity power of the body.
  • Excellent Source of High-Quality Protein.
  • Promotes Muscle Growth and recovery.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure.
  • Helps to Treat Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Helps to Reduce Inflammation.
  • Improves body composition.
  • Provides better metabolism power to our body.
How much protein does the average person need daily?
  • According to DRI (Dietary Reference Intake).
  • An average man needs 56 grams per day.
  • An average woman needs 46 grams per day.
What is the benefit of consuming protein?
  • Improves muscle growth.
  • liIt makes our immune system stronger.
  • It helps to protect hair from damage and makes them healthy.
  • It helps the body to recover faster from injuries.
  • Provides Anti-aging benefits.