• Customised package, suited to your requirements and preferences.
  • End-to-end management and documentation of your Ayurveda, Yoga or Meditation profile and treatments.
  • Manage post-treatment follow ups and progress charts to track your wellness.
  • Managing your accommodation & land transportation.
  • Assistance with domestic and/or international flights.
  • Plan your stay with prior information about weather, local events and activities, culture guidance, and sightseeing options.
  • Extend your stay with an All-India tour, we will manage reservations and all other needs to make your experience pleasant.
  • On-demand services for laptop and internet usage, translation, money exchange and miscellaneous needs and wants.
  • Instant Access Support from Incredible Zindagi team – throughout your stay!

NOTE: The effectiveness of Herbal and Home Remedial Solutions differs on person-to-person and case-to-case basis. Please check for any allergies beforehand for all ingredients required.