Incredible Zindagi is an innovative wellness tourism platform aimed at providing goodness of Yoga and Meditation to people all across the world who want to enjoy its benefits by learning these from authentic teachers right at its place of origin, i.e. India.

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (Guest is God) - India is known for unmatched hospitality where serving the guests is believed to be equivalent to serving God. However, we do not stop at providing world class service only; SAFETY, especially the safety of our female guests is our prime concern too.

How we ensure that our guests are always safe?

Any person enjoys the hospitality or, for that matter, savors any pleasure only when it is provided in completely secured environment. With Yoga and Meditation centers, located in remote locations, you may hesitate being a part of the incredible experience, and this is exactly what we do not want to happen. That is why; we take full care and provide you completely safe logistics and stay support to ensure that your visit in India becomes a part of your fond memories. To achieve this, we provide:

  • Taxis with authenticated and verified drivers
  • Pre- scheduled transportation plan to avoid any sort of confusion
  • And hassle-free cashless modes of payments for avoiding last minute inconvenience.
  • If you choose to go for rented cars and bikes, Incredible Zindagi approved service providers will be available with complete details.

In addition to all this, there is Telephone assistance made available to you so that you can reach us anytime if any of the information is lost or misplaced. We believe in making you confident of your movements and we try taking too much dependence out of the travelling process. This we are able to achieve by providing you all information that you need to stay aware, informed as well as protected.

Incredible Zindagi strives to keep you abreast with all the information you need during your wellness tour to India. So, we provide you beforehand, all important details, such as:

  • What to expect in a wellness program at your chosen wellness center (details of the program and complete itinerary)
  • Details of facilities available at the chosen wellness center like - profile and experience of doctors, types of accommodation available, total cost of stay and so on.
  • We also give you a comprehensive overview of therapies and treatments provided at the chosen wellness center in advance.

All the centers listed with Incredible Zindagi strive to offer you the most authentic Indian experience this country is known for. Therefore, there are outings or bike tours, hiking programs etc also included in itinerary. When you choose your wellness center we share with you in advance what outdoor activity you will get to do and how to prepare for it well in advance, so that you stay safe and do not miss on any aspect of this incredible lifetime experience too. That is why, you will be provided with a qualified and verified guide, and with details like IZ approved transportation services, and a detailed city map. With us, you will never be off the radar and we will always be there to help you without disturbing your privacy.

Incredible Zindagi strives to deliver you the best wellness experience while keeping your safety on the top priority, and has complete infrastructure to ensure that your stay is completely smooth and absolutely free from all risks.

We look forward to hosting you in India.