Ayurveda Therapies & Treatment

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medical system that has evolved with time. The power to cure, cleanse and detoxify lies at the very core of this system. Combining various therapies and treatments it hand holds the individual on a journey of rejuvenation, relaxation and good health.

Ayurveda blends in science and philosophy with a goal to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components that make up a human body.

To achieve these facets of human health Ayurveda uses a combination of therapies, treatments, medicines and meditation, based on an individualized study. Broadly these can be classified as under:

Oral Medicines

Aushadhi are formulated out of a blend of herbs and plants that nature has bestowed upon us in abundance. A careful selection and sourcing of minerals, herbs and oils, while maintaining hygiene while processing is the key to bringing out the best of Ayurvedic products and medicines. Ayurvedic medicine formulae have been handed over from generations to generations and are targeted at restoring health and balance. Each formulation is a result of the time- tested knowledge of the Vaidyas or Ayurvedic Doctors who have painstakingly created these to provide maximum benefits to the body, mind and soul.

You may refer to the below packages for further details.
Treatment No of days
Panchakarma Package Panchakarma 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days
Rejuvenation Package Rejuvenation 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days
De-Stress Package De-Stress Package 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days
Weight Reduction Package Weight Reduction 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days
Beauty-Care Treatment Beauty-Care Treatment 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days
Ayurveda Training Course Ayurveda Training Course 8/11/15/21/31 Days
Ayurveda RetreatsAyurveda Retreats 8/11/15/21/31 Days

Please note : These are standard packages, these can of course be customized, grouped as per your requirements.

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