It is said that no material thing can bring joy and bliss to you as meditation does. Meditation is a way of attaining the place where there is nothing but happiness and contentment. It is that state of mind that makes a person glow from within.

Meditation is the serene act which helps you control your thoughts, so they don't overpower you. It is a simple and subtle gesture for making yourself less stressful. Today, almost every disease that a person has is said to be due to a stressful life.

When you are not the captain of your thoughts, they go scattering in all directions leaving you paranoid. This results in many repercussions like stress, anxiety, depression. To end all of these, meditation is the key.

Meditation is a series of sets of breathing techniques and awakening of inner sense. A person practicing meditation feels a core strength. This strength feels divine.

When you meditate, the overall difference between your normal state and meditation state is that your brains stop processing information as actively as it normally would. It is like you are getting aware of your thoughts, but you are not processing them with judgment.

Meditation helps you control and regulate your thoughts and keeps you away from negativity. Meditation leads to a healthy mind, thus resulting in a healthy body. People with a calm mind are ought to succeed and make an impact.

Ayurveda says "meditations is not a technique but a way of life." Meditation is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular order, has certain principles, and produces results that can be verified.

If you want to achieve well-being of your overall self, you should practice meditation. As it is rightly said, "Mediation is not the means to an end, but it is both the means and the end."

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