what is yoga

Yoga in modern day science is a health regime that enables one to achieve physical fitness, mental stability, and spiritual awareness. Yoga with the help of Ayurveda re-calibrates the body to behave in its standard form, de-accelerate aging using natural methods. Yoga allows the mind to connect with own body to listen to its unique needs which are never the same as that of someone else.

An individual practicing Yoga would incrementally strengthen own body muscles, improve postures, increase flexibility, improve blood flow, re-imagine breathing, better concentrate, control own mind, spiritual awakening for a few and of course helping them to lead a healthy yet balanced life.

Yoga considers Breath as the Life itself. Going to the roots of a human body’s proper functioning; learning how to breathe correctly helps in leading a better & healthy life.

Yoga teaches a powerful lesson to all its student around the reality of life. It teaches that the soul has much more depth and meaning to one’s existence, than just the looks one carry from the outside appearance. One of the Yoga Asanas, Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle Pose) teaches precisely the same. Students practicing Yoga should focus on the meaning and purpose of Yoga as a complete expression than just focusing on aesthetically perfect posture. The challenge is to understand the purpose and engage one’s soul & devotion than just the ego.