Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga brings together the goodness of Yoga, Acrobatics and healing powers. This yoga offers its disciples a perfect recipe that teaches many values such as cooperation, partnership, balance, focus and above all, physical fitness. This branch of yoga does not require its disciples to be young, small, thin or energetic as is normally believed. On the contrary, it is available for one and all and works totally on the principle of attaining balance.

Normally done in pairs and groups, this yoga is also possible to do solo. While doing solo, gravity of Earth is your partner and you align your powers with this gravity to achieve a different level of fitness, balance and peace of mind.

Benefits of Acro Yoga:

Acro Yoga is being followed religiously in all parts of the world because of the amazing transforming powers it has. This yoga has changed the lives of its followers by bringing positive changes like:

  • Feeling of belonging to community
  • Stronger and more flexible body
  • Happier mind and better mental resilience
  • Weight loss
  • Better spinal and joint strength

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