Anusura Yoga

Anusura Yoga

Anusura Yoga gets its name from the word Anusaran that means ‘to follow’. So, follow the pace, or follow the rhythm or follow your heart are some of the basic principles that form the base for Anusara Yoga. This Yoga style is popularized as Modernized Hatha Yoga. An American-born Yoga expert John Friend introduced this yoga to the world in 1997.

In a typical Anusara Yoga session, you can expect more focus on inducing happiness than on correcting any issue or problem. The disciples will be made to go through welcome devotional song followed by asanas, breathing exercises, chakra focus, mudras and mantras, etc. whose main impact is therapeutic. So, the overall motive is to align the body with the external energies.

Benefits of Anusara Yoga:

Anusara Yoga is the most effective when the sequence as suggested by the Guru is religiously followed. The disciples are sure of feeling light and happier at the end of the session. They take away the benefits like:

  • Strong body, better postural strength
  • Enhanced mental abilities and good decision-making skills
  • Better attitude towards life and improved interpersonal relationships
  • More fit body with added flexibility and improved joint health
  • Reduced stress level and improved emotional quotient
  • Better concentration and agile body

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