Classical Yoga

Classical Yoga

Classical Yoga takes a disciple to all the eight Sutras (Limbs) of Ashtanga Yoga. It is aimed at training the mind to develop resilience towards certain sensory perceptions and feelings. So, apart from bodily cleansing and physical fitness, the Classical Yoga aims further at exercising the mind too.

In classical yoga, the journey starts with cleansing of actions and thoughts. Thus, the disciple will follow ethical approach in actions and practice truth, honesty and non-violence. Next, the person moves towards asanas and pranayama that mainly work up the body and strengthens it. Once these are done, body is actually prepared for meditation. So, withdrawal of senses and mediation take over the process. On honest completion of all these phases, the practitioner is all set to go into Samadhi (enlightenment). Thus, Classical Yoga works three fold and offers better mental, physical and spiritual strength to the practitioner.

Benefits of Classical Yoga:

Classical Yoga is helpful in personality development in multiple ways. By practicing classical yoga, one can enjoy benefits like:

  • Well-toned body
  • Calm mind
  • Better concentration
  • Better physical strength
  • Enhanced mental resilience
  • Clarity and purity in action and thoughts

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