Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is the practice of yoga in hot and humid conditions. It focuses on cleansing the body off the toxins through the way of sweating.

Hot Yoga works best when you have prepared in advance for this program. That means, you must keep your body well-hydrated before starting the session. This Yoga is not recommended for pregnant women, heart patients, and people with electrolyte imbalance in the body.

Hot Yoga focuses on increasing the metabolism of the body. It is preferable for the people who want to have intense cardiovascular workout.

Benefits of Hot Yoga:

Hot Yoga has plethora of benefits to offer to its patrons. These benefits include:

  • Detoxification of body as it flushes off the toxins from the body
  • It prepares the body muscles better for reaching the correct pose (asana)
  • It increases bodily strength
  • It enhances the flexibility of muscles and thus, is quite helpful in easing body pains
  • It tones body muscles
  • It improves breathing and induces feeling of relaxation in the body

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