Yoga is the process of uniting your mind and body in order to express vigor to our nature. The word Yoga means "unity" which is derived from the word "Yug" which is ancient Indian language Sanskrit. Yoga is nothing but a mindful unity of your energy of body, mind, and soul which leaves you tingling happiness throughout your body. Yoga has tremendous positive feedback from all the people who have been practicing yoga. Yoga is a methodical ladder of converging and aligning your body, mind, and spirit as the object of enlightenment.

Yoga tourism is a well designed effective form of vacationing which will give you the pleasure of visiting different location away from your stressful life but also attain salvation and medical care. The therapies offered in yoga tourism are well developed leaving positive vibes and happy faces of the people coming here. Yoga tourism will meet your needs of attaining peaceful wellbeing along with the vacationing.

A generally accepted idea by the foreigners is, that India is a land of philosophers and sadhus or saints, of festivals and fares, of deserts and hills, etc.

But sure there is much more to that. India has a varied heritage of landscape and wildlife by river rafting and trekking, mountaineering and bird-watching. It offers its sunlit beaches, hills to climb, to listen to the masters of music, to admire the masters of dance and to taste it’s sumptuous cuisine. Its millennia ancient wisdom on how to preserve and improve man's physical and mental health and how to achieve spiritual growth is renowned, and that is "YOGA."

The immemorial and strong, as the emblem of India, is its ancient wisdom. The Rishis (sages) have been preserving this knowledge unchanged through ages, and today it can help us to release us from the problems caused by stress. The teachings help us to understand how animals live in harmony with their environment and with their bodies, and how we can maintain health and meet the challenges of nature by imitating animal postures. For example, by mimicking the rabbit in Shashank asana, one can influence the flow of adrenaline, which is responsible for the 'fight or flight' mechanism.

Combining all of this ancient wisdom into a designed pattern for the tourist is what we offer in the yoga tourism. The tourists find their inner self and stay united with their mind and soul and body so that when they return to their homes, they have a full throttle to achieve their desired goals.

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